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About Caryn

Caryn Keshner Register E RYT-500
Founder of Breathe Smile Yoga and Reiki Power Healing
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Master Teacher and Trainer
Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
Mat Pilates Instructor
MA English

Caryn is a power nurturer known for the personal care and attention she affords each student as well as for bringing a sense of humor to class. She will remind you not to take life too seriously and also to give back to yourself. Her classes offer students a safe, powerful, profound, and joyful experience. Caryn’s signature Deep Slow Core Strength Vinyasa Flow class utilizes a core-energizing breathing practice that will support your spine in transitions, stimulate detox and digestion, and build heat. Caryn’s students learn to engage the inner body, burn through blockages, build strength, create space, and release tension. In Caryn’s classes, you’ll feel immersed in a tangible sense of inner bliss, unwavering devotion, and empowerment through self-care. Get ready to leave classes centered and smiling.