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Breathe. Smile. Yoga

Prepare for transformation with the Fall 2017 Yoga Teacher Training 


June Schedule

Thursday nights |  7:15pm
Deep Slow Flow @ 8 Limbs Yoga
$10 Suggested Love Donation

Friday, June 9 |  7:30pm
Full Moon Beach Yoga
10th Street St Augustine Beach
$10 Suggested Love Donation

Monday, June 19 | 7:15pm
Shine Your Light: an Enchanting Experience with Caryn and Taylor @ 8 Limbs Yoga
Chanting, Pranayama, Asana, fun!

Wednesday, June 21 | 7:00pm
Summer Solstice Celebration of Self-Care @ City Wellness
Restorative Yoga, long guided meditation, Reiki Power Healing, Shanti Chanting
$15 Suggested Love Donation

Sunday, June 25 | 1:30-2:00pm
International Yoga Day @ St. Augustine Beach Pier
Laughter Yoga at pavilion in the shade
The healing practice of your life! Join the fun!

Contact Caryn for Private, small group, and corporate yoga, guided relaxation, meditation, and Laughter Yoga, as well as hands-on and distance Reiki Power Healing!


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